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We have been in Bonaire since our first church was built in 1894.  We are very proud of our heritage as well as the families that have been a part of our church and community from the very beginning.  Like the doors of the church, our hearts are open to all that seek the love of Christ.


Read a great history of Bonaire Church compiled by Mrs. Earline Cole in 1994 to mark the centennial of the congregation. Click here to open the PDF file.


On February 26, 1894, Mr. W. S. King applied to the South Georgia Conference for the privilege of building a house of worship in Bonaire, Georgia. The conference granted the request. The first building was built on land donated by Mr. King, and was completed in September 1894. The Reverend M. B. Ferrell preached the first sermon in the church on the fifth Sunday in September 1894. His text was Deuteronomy 6:6-9. 


Between 1894 and 1908, one hundred twenty-eight people  joined the church. Ms. Minnie Lee Watson was the first member. Since 1894 until the present, a total of fifty-two pastors have served at Bonaire. 


When the need arose for additional space beyond the capacity of the 1894 Chapel, the church purchased the 144 Elm Street Building from the Bonaire Baptist Church. The first service at this new location was on Easter Sunday, March 30, 1990, preached by Reverend Al Lewis. Under the leadership of the Rev. Jay Tucker, the Main Sanctuary building was constructed and opened in February 2013.

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